Why Grain Free and Natural Treats are Better For Your Dog or Cat

Browse the treat list and you may feel bombarded by the number of choices. How do you know what is best for your pet? Is there a difference? What should you look for? First you should know that all treats made by “My Happy Dog 123” have less than 6 ingredients each.  All of our treats and dog food are all natural and have no preservatives or artificial flavors.  The benefits of these healthy treats include:

  • DIGESTIBLE: Selecting grain free, natural treats means that your pet will be able to digest them more effectively.
  • CLEAN: High quality treats made without chemicals and preservatives present a clean option for rewarding our pets. Like us, our pets are surrounded with chemicals and toxins in the environment. We don’t need to feed them those things, too.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC: Removing chemicals and additives removes some of the allergens that affect our pet’s health. If your dog has allergies, you can trust our treats.

Grain free options may replace the grain element with vegetables and fruits. These substitutions give a wide variety of tasty, highly digestible, healthy fillers which add natural vitamin and mineral sources. Grains in general, and corn primarily, are not as easily digested and tend to pass through with minimal absorption. Thus, grains may add bulk to a food, but not much nutrition. Although we are discussing treats, we are not wrong to expect that even something fed occasionally should offer nutrition.

At MyHappyDog123, we use only the highest quality ingredients. Unlike some commercial operations who source second quality foods for their pet treats, we use the same foods that you would select for your own table. We may even buy them at the same store. You won’t have to ask how to pronounce any of our ingredients, and you won’t need to ask the side effects of our processes or chemicals. You will be impressed with the aroma that envelopes you when you open the bag, and you will immediately notice the response of your pet when you bring the bag out.

Using our treats for training rewards will ensure a high level of focus. In fact, your dog’s sessions may get lengthier when he realizes he has a great treat for cooperation. Try rattling the bag as a way to open his work session. He may even smile, and you will definitely see excitement.

Remember that purchasing our products also gives a stray dog a bag of treats. We are working with Save a Stray, whose mission is to bring dogs from the southern shelters to the state of New York, where the adoption rates are high and the shelters are empty. This mission has already given many dogs a new chance, and we send a bag of our treats with each dog to ease the stress of the journey.